Our Mission, Core Values, Actions and Pillars

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Our Main Mission: To change the face of aging.  

Our Two Core Values:  Love and Serve the people of Colorado Springs.  These two core values are drawn from Scripture.  1 Corinthians 13:13 ("...faith, hope, and love.  And the greatest of these is love.") and Mark 10:45 (...the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve...").  

Our Three Actions:  We love and serve our clients, we love and serve our staff, and we love and serve with innovation.   

Our Four Pillars:  We have "Four Pillars" that AKOTA Home Care is built upon.

  1. We allow a senior adult to live as independently as possible for as long as possible wherever they live
  2. We let daughters be daughters again...instead of caregivers
  3. We provide a career path for international workers to serve in the health care system
  4. We feed families all across the globe

The akota difference

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At AKOTA Home Care, we strive to be a remarkably caring company who provides compassionate home care to anyone needing assistance, allowing them to live fully while staying in their home or facility.  We provide a safe and nurturing environment.  We also offer respite care and stress relief for family caregivers. We invest deeply in our caregivers as well as our clients. Our team has been in the home care industry for over 24 years in the U.S. and consider it an honor to serve Colorado Springs. Serving our seniors in the Springs is a dream come true for the whole team.

Humble Beginnings

In 1994 Jim Lindsay started running a home care company serving the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.  Based on first-hand family experience of caring for members of his own family, the company's goal was to love and serve others in order to take the stress of caregiving off the shoulders of family members.  The original company is still thriving in the DC area.  In 2007 while studying international business at Oxford University, AKOTA Home Care, LLC was formed. AKOTA Home Care leverages over 22 years of home care experience to help you care for your aging parents right here in the Colorado Springs area.

family focused

AKOTA Home Care is family owned and operated company and is NOT a franchise.  The company is wholly owned by the Lindsay family.  When you contact us, you are able to talk directly to the owners!  Jim and his son, Casey, have been working together in the home care industry to bring stress relief to you and dignity to your loved one. Read a little more about our background and experience.

how we work

1) Initial Consult  

After we hear from you, we want to learn about you, your goals, and what you desire regarding the care of a loved one. We will have one of our skilled Registered Nurses (RNs) perform the initial visit to get a full and complete understanding of all the care your loved one needs. We then try to match your loved one with one of our highly skilled caregivers right then and there, so that you know exactly what to expect when you decide to start services with us.

2) Give you full control of your care

After establishing an agreement with you, we will provide you with a way to set yourself up within our system that will allow you to be able to 1) schedule care, 2) oversee shift care being provided, 3) pay bills online and 4) have easy access to communicate electronically with members of company.

3) Monitor

Our main goal is to provide your loved one with quality care over which you have full control. Our team will regularly take an in-depth look at the care that is being provided to your loved one. This will involve regular nurse visits every two months, quality control check-ups, and corporate oversight of caregiver daily updates. 

4) Bring tranquility back

We strive to take all the stress of caring off your shoulders so you can rest.  Your loved one is in good hands, so now you can accomplish the the tasks of roles of daughter, mom, wife, employee, leader and all the other roles you play!  

Where we serve

We provide senior home care to almost all of the Colorado Springs area. But don't hesitate to ask if you are not sure if we can serve your area. We try not to let distance get in the way of providing the care you need, and will do anything in our power to help you become stress free. Contact us to find out more if you are outside of the Colorado Springs city limit.

AKOTA [Home Care] allowed me and my husband to focus on our kids and helping them achieve a bright future. We are so grateful for the care AKOTA [Home Care] continues to provide.
— Client, Colorado Springs, CO