Peace in a World of Doubt

Lucy was racked with doubt…did she care enough for her mom?  Could she do more?  Should she do less?  How could she know the difference?  Or the answer?  Mom certainly gave her enough clues, but from both sides.  Yep…should do more.  Nope…should do less.  Shoulda, coulda, woulda…

Doubt rushed in, draining her already low energy.  A tear burned down her cheek.

Doubt rushing in is not unique to home care decisions!  Right after the glory of Easter Sunday, the Bible presents us with a story of doubt rushing in.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just stick with the afterglow of glory?  But no, we are presented with Thomas, who just cannot believe that his fellow apostles had seen the Risen Christ. I think we all experience these kind of moments. You know, those times when you just can’t calm the doubts enough to see clearly?

 Certainly Thomas had been on an emotional roller coaster. By coming to love Jesus, how hard was it for him to watch him suffer?  I can only imagine that the disciples were wondering, “did we do enough?” “Did we love him enough?” Jesus answers that question in the resurrection. “Peace be with you” he says. Perhaps in that he is saying, “Don’t worry, have no fear, you have loved me well.”

So many people come to us searching for a trustworthy caregiver for their mom or dad.  We talk to people like Thomas all the time. People who find it hard to believe that their parent has reached the stage that they need in-home help to stay healthy and safe.  Just like Thomas, they find it is a leap of faith to trust an agency with the care of their parent.  Just as Jesus said, “Peace be with you”, we at ACCfamily/AKOTA Home Care also strive to give you peace.  Peace of mind that your mom or dad is loved by the best caregiver for their personality and needs. Peace of mind that you are doing enough, that you are caring enough, that you are loving enough.

 With Jesus, we say to you, “Peace be with you”.